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Chromatic Tuner Software for Consumers

Shareware and freeware tuners for computers run the gamut from guitar tuners to piano tuners. Some can have many features, including alternate temperaments, but they will not have the analysis and calculation features of professional tuning software. Like any shareware, quality and support varies, but they are inexpensive, from free to $100 or so. All of them will require a microphone; a built-in mic is adequate, but not ideal. An external mic will serve much better.

  • For the ultimate in value, here is an online browser-based tuner using Java!
  • For Mac OS X, Katsura Shareware offers a basic tuner, a strobe tuner, and a piano tuner as seperate shareware programs from $10 to $100. There are other freeware and shareware tuners for Mac OS, but these Katsura titles are very polished, and Piano Tuner in particular is unique.
  • For Windows, there is a large selection. One free example is PitchPerfect Guitar Tuner. PitchPerfect also comes in Pocket PC and iPhone flavors.